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I did it!!!!

Finished the entire W4R1 run today, and am so utterly proud of myself that I thought I'd write about it on here. If it weren't for all the support on this community I don't think I'd have had the motivation to keep on and try again.

BUT I DID IT!!! Granted, in the last 2 and a half minutes I did feel like I was going to be sick and after I finished I had to spend at least half an hour convincing myself that I was still alive, but it feels so amazing considering 2 days ago I could only manage half of it. In your FACE jelly belly!! (prods stomach triumphantly) :)

Now have to do it 2 more times... :)

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Well done - you are well on your way now - good luck!!


Well done, it's an amazing feeling isn't it, completing the run, not the feeling sick bit ;-)


Well done you!!


What a good feeling of achievement eh!!! Well done and keep up it's quite encouraging to do this run!!!

Keep up !!!!


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