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Curiosity killed the motivation ... but the community brings it back!

W8r1 time yesterday, and, boy, did I feel it in the old legs. I ran in the early evening when I normally run first thing, I'd been at work all day and it was hot - the excuses just keep rolling in ;) I have never, ever wanted to hear Laura tell me that I only had one minute to go so much in this running journey!

So, I thought I would pick myself up by seeing just how far I had run ... ha! Big mistake. I used the Nike+ mapping website and was so disappointed to see that I had 'only' covered 2.1 miles. So at this stage I am running over 13 minute miles.

Went to bed feeling very sorry for myself having completely lost sight as to just how far I have come in the last eight weeks. Logged on this morning to read through some of the blogs and the questions and everyone's support and encouragement is so inspiring to read. I'm not the fastest runner but I can also see that I am an awful lot faster than I was a few months ago. And I'm also ready to throw my running stuff into my suitcase for my upcoming hols rather than in the bin like I wanted to last night :)

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Don't be so hard on yourself. If you have imporved then you have done well in by books and look at you on week 8! Think of what you are doing compared to week 1!! Chin up!


I am so slow. But I'm not worrying about it too much. My plan is to complete week 9, so I can run for 30 minutes. Then I think I will go back to the start and jog the walks and run the runs, if that makes sense :) Several people on here have said that that speeded them up.

It's all running so it's all good. You're doing brilliantly!


Thank you both. I am pleased to report that I am well and truly over my little sulky phase now! Went for a run this morning and really appreciated just how far I have come in a few months. In the words of my husband "exercise is supposed to be hard, if it was easy then more people would do it ..." :)


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