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Week3, run 1! Eek!

I was really dreading this run, I haven't run for more than 90 seconds in 8 years, so I didn't sleep well last night and almost gave in and decided not to go this morning, but after looking at lots of blogs I decided to try, ...,,,, well I did it!!! I'm really tired now and sweating like I don't know what, but I did it! Yay!!!!

I've been combining this with weight watchers as I want to loose 100 lb for a trip to USA next may, which is my goal, and so far I've list 21 lb in 12 weeks and in the last month I've lost 13 cm from my body stats ( I do waist, hips and chest)

So i'm on track yippee!!

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Well done!


Super well done. True inspiration for when we just don't feel like it. Get out there anyway. Anything is better than nothing!


Well done! My next run tomorrow is Week 2 Run 3, so I am right behind you - wondering if I will be able to do it too.


Very well done!!!


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