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10k Training - Week 2: Hitting the roads and running those hills!

2nd week of training for the 10k on 9th Septemer and so far, so good.

The week consist of a 5k on Tuesday, 2 miles on Thursday and a longer run on Sunday's, which increase a half mile each week. This week, I will attempt 4 miles!

Last week was the first week where I wasn't running around a field and doing laps. I decided to tackle the local scenery and more importantly, the hills! The first mile of all my runs are uphill, so it's a good tester to get the breathing right and the rhythm strong - it's hard not to go off too fast, which nearly caught me out on my 3,5 mile last week! Due to the nature of living in 'the valleys', my runs take me up and down hills several times through a long run, so I continuously pushing myself, which means I don't lose the challenge. I can't say I love it, but I love the achievement afterwards!

I can feel my legs getting stronger and my stamina increasing. I figure that if I can run 5k around this new route in 38 mins, I should soon get to my goal of running a flat route in under 35 and a Parkrun around 36! That will come later though, obviously!

My shorter 2 mile runs are at a 12 minute mile pace, while my longer runs are around 12:30, which makes sense! I am aiming for a 1hr 10min time for the 10k, which I will be over the moon with!

I've lost a little more weight this week too, which leaves me 3lb short of 5 stone weight loss for the year. I'm looking forward to having a few pints of cider in the sun (please!!) next weekend if I can get there! That's motivation in itself, right?!

At least I know now that I'll finish the 10k as the route is pretty much flat throughout - my aim is to run it all, but if I don't, hey, who cares, I got off the couch!!

Happy Running Y'all!

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WOW - well done. Just reading about all those hills had me breaking out in a sweat!!

Good luck for the 10k :)


That is great. I'm aiming towards 10K myself at the moment so I can hopefully take part in some runs later in the year so keep posting updates.


What an amazing weight loss ! I need to loose roughly 6 stones too. Are you following any particular Bto10k programme?


Hal Higdon programme! It's tough, but if I can do it, anyone can!!!


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