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Not as fit as I thought I was, but I loved my first run!

I started c25k today and cheated a bit by starting on week 2. I regularly walk and attended the gym until 3 months ago, but have never been able to run for more than a few hundred metres.

I LOVED my session today and found that the 90 seconds of running seemed to end shortly after thoughts of "ok, I'm not sure I can run for much further without stopping" came into my head. Nevertheless I completed the whole run and while by no means impossible, it is challenging in a good way.

For anyone thinking of starting, DO IT! :) Getting out in the fresh air and achieving your goals is so satisfying. Laura is encouraging without being cheesy or patronising, and the music, while generic, is pleasant and motivating.

Rest day tomorrow; but I can't wait to get back out there on Friday :D

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