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week 8 run 2

I have done two runs of week 8 already. I cannot believe that I can run for 28 minutes now!! I managed to run for 29 minutes today as I wanted to finish the circuit that I was doing so I have decided to try week 9 this Friday. I may be able to finish the 3 runs of week 9 before my holidays and I will then be ready for my walks in the Alps!!

Can I graduate without running 5K in 30 minutes? I do not think that I will manage more than 4K in 30 minutes and the extra minutes seems too much just now!!

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Well done. It's a fantastic achievement to finish a circuit.

Of course you can graduate without reaching 5k, the aim of the plan is to be able to run for 30 mins 3 times per week. As Laura says, its about endurance :) And quite frankly its a good job as I haven't managed 5k yet!!!

Good luck with week 9 & enjoy your holiday, it sounds lovely!


When you've done 27 runs, no matter what the speed or distance run, you will have earned your badge! I don't think many of us manage to do 5k in 30 minutes and I was heartened to hear Laura say on the 5k+ podcast I used this morning that she didn't either! The 5k+ podcasts are designed to have you speeding up but you can start those when you return from your holiday- climbing mountains should maintain your stamina levels! Have a good holiday :)


As the above posters have said Laura says in podcast 1 how the programme is designed to get you to 5k or running continuously for 30 minutes which I am sure you will do. You will also be fine with jumping to week 9 as I did the same because of a holiday too.


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