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W7R1 done..just!

Well my second 25 minute run was Marginally better than the W6R3 25min run-but not much-If I hadn't been running with my friend I would have defiantley stopped-its not so much the being out of breath or getting hot that makes me struggle-its my legs-they really don't like this running malarky! They feel really heavy and like I'm having to drag them along-I hope this all gets easier!

But on the plus side-I didn't stop and I did manage to speed up slightly in the last minute, which I failed to do Week 6

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That sounds as if you did very well. The long runs can be a struggle. I had to slow right down to complete 25 minutes and then some more to do 28 and then again to manage 30, but all the while you are building stamina and that's more important than speed. Keep on keeping on :)


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