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I beat off my demon with a big stick!

Just under 2 weeks ago I started w7 but unfortunately had to rest up due to an ankle injury.

I planned all weekend to go for a run but I just did not have the motivation. Not even seeing the wonderfull achievements by Jess ,Mo and everyone could not spur me.

I then started thinking maybe this wasn't for me afterall. Maybe over the last few weeks I had deluded myself into thinking I was a runner. My inner demon kept saying I could not go back to running and I started to believe that it was all over.

This morning I started to read the blog posts (I have been avoiding readin them) and I started to feel inspired again. I thought that I'd give it one more go and see where I get to. I decided to redo week 6 so as to gauge where I was.

As I was doing my 5 min walk warm up, my demon kept saying that I would be lucky to run 2 mins. In my first minute I listened to it and thought "no way can I do this". Then I thought about the blogs & how I missed reading them and then started thinking about how much I love running ..... Then I gave my inner demon a great big shove and stamped on it for good measure! I did the run comfortably and I'm looking forward to carrying on with my obsession!!! And tomorrow I'm going to have my running gait analysed so to ensure no more injuries. And as for the demon hopefully he has done a runner!

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That's fantastic, well done. :) I've felt a bit like that since I hit week 6. My motivation seems to have been flagging, which meant I wasn't getting as much satisfaction out of my runs, even if I completed them. I've read so many posts now concerning this, that I'm beginning to think it's all part of the c25k way. I guess we saw such dramatic progress in the early weeks (from 60 seconds to 90 seconds was a 50% increase!) that we expect an increase of just a few minutes to be 'easy'. However, we're now asking much more of our bodies every run, so I guess there's an adjustment period. I'm hoping that by taking some extra days rest here and there that I can get my mojo back. Best wishes for your next run. :)


Even though its not nice, it is good to know we are not on our own! I agree totally that with the first weeks it felt such an achievement to be completing the weeks. I don't know if for me personally it was too much emphasis on wk 5 run 3 and once I had done that successfully maybe I lost some motivation?

Here's to better runs going forward. Best of luck to you :-)


I did W6,R3 today and found my mojo. :) After a week or so of dreading the next run, I am now looking forward to it again. I'll be starting week 7 on Saturday. How about you?


That's fantastic :-) I'm so pleased you found your mojo :-)

I was due to have running gait sorted today but couldn't make it. Will do w6r2 tomorrow and hopefully get gait analysed fri.

Good luck with week 7 and keep me posted how you get on x


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