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Solid performance!

Haven't blogged (about running) for a couple of weeks so what's been going on?

Still going to my local running club every Tuesday and still loving it, however hard it is! This week was chatting to the regulars and shared that I had signed up for a local 10k. The encouragement and support is fantastic. In the same breath as telling me that I'll be fine & definalty won't come in last Graham the leader told me it's a tough course...Yikes! Apartently it's mainly off road but it's what we do at running club so I should be able to get round. Feeling slightly more confident about it now. At the end of the session even found the effort to sprint (remember it is all relative) the last couple of hundred meters....It felt so good!

Today I went along to my local parkrun to see if I could beat my PB that I set last time (34.01). Really wanted to do it but as it was such a suprise when I did it (was 2.5 mins faster than I'd ever gone before) realistically proving that it wasn't a fluke would have been great. Well my garmin says 34.08 so official time may come in a second or so faster/slower but am happy with it. I found it so tough but have to thank the 35 min pacer for the encourgagement he was giving me!! It's not a fluke, I can do it!!! Couldn't speak at the end when one of the guys from my run club was asking how I did - as he said I must have put in a lot of effort!!! I did as found it so much harder than last day it will get easier won't it????

Looking forward to giving the new podcasts a go...First challenge completed and they are loaded to the iphone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics as much as me....It's amazing!!!

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Hi Ali! Well done you! On your Parkrun sprint and for having the guts to sign up for a 10k!

The Olympics are fantastic, I'm hooked! What an inspiration these athletes are! Real role models for our young!


Ali, it's great to hear how you're getting! You thrashed your PB well done! You must be dead chuffed.

Did you see the final 10k run this morning with the womens triatholon? Simply unbelievable! How on earth they managed a final sprint like that I'll never know.


i know was glued to the TV!


That's great Ali, glad to hear you're still doing so well! :)


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