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W9R2... FAIL - I blame the dog!!

What a morning! Early start, to make sure I had time to walk my 2 dogs before my run so was out and about with them by 5.30am.

5 minutes into the walk one decided she was off! At one point I heard her barking at a fox who she must’ve been near as it was doing a horrible screeching noise. I spent 30 minutes looking for her through the woods, shouting her name all the time, but there was just silence... just the drip of the morning dew through the leaves of the trees.

In a panic, I set off home to drop off the other dog and grab my mobile so I could ring OH to get him out of work. I had visions of my pooch lying in the undergrowth savaged by a fox needing our help. Still no sign of her… Back in the woods OH rings ‘where are you?’ ‘back in the woods’ I say. Then out of nowhere the dog appears. A few expletives from hubby later (still on the phone) we head back home.

By now it is 6.20am – if I’m going to do my run I really need to get a wriggle on as I leave for work at 7.30am. I felt hot and bothered before I started but mentally ready to go. I cut the warm up walk to 4 minutes and set off at my normal pace. It was hard going, I looked at the clock on the treadmill, 15minutes done. Ok I’m halfway, keep going I tell myself.

Alas, it was not to be. After 18 and a half minutes the tank was empty. I realised I hadn’t even had a drink before starting, but no wonder really given the events before the run.

This will be chalked up as experience – I had a go and although I didn’t manage 30 minutes I’ll take 18.5 thank you very much because it was more than I was doing when I started this.

I guess graduation will have to wait a bit longer.

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I bet the energy you spent looking for and worrying about your dog would amount to quite a few calories anyway and adding that to your run and you have a respectable bit of exercise before the day has even kicked off.

I do admire you for doing the early morning runs - I am struggling to comprehend my own name first thing in the morning, never mind galvanising myself into running mode.


I prefer the early runs (gets it over and done with!) but it's always harder when OH is on his early shift, like this week, as I have to take the dogs out 1st. But at least my legs have warmed up well before I start :)


Oh my word, you must have been so worried!

I am not surprised at all that it was a 'fail' (So not though, 18.5 minutes is a success in my book every day of the week!) if you had such a scare and a scurry before hand!

Glad to hear the dog is safe and well, though I reckon she needs the naughty corner for a minute for scaring you so! (Joke) Well done on still going out and completing most of your run. I don't think I'd have been able to do that! You are only one run off your schedule, don't let it throw you too much!


She is definately in the doghouse LOL :D

I am going to do it again over the next few days. I was hoping to graduate on Monday as well but hey ho.... :)


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