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week 5 run 1 only gone and done it!

I've done it week 5 run 1 completed on my second attempt. arms raised in victory and a loud yesss as Laura says 'thats it slow down to a walk'. Felt like I'd won a marathon! Never thought I'd be able to do 3 lots of 5 minutes. Mind you I have lost half my body weight in sweat and could probably heat a small village with the warmth coming from my very glowing red face.

The joys of run 2 on Sunday

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Well done. It's a great feeling every time you step up. I've found week 5 a challenge (more mentally, I reckon), but despite the negativity gremlins, it is achievable. :) First run of week 6 tomorrow. Good luck with your next one.


Congratulations on getting this far. Good luck for W5R2 on Sunday and then you are headed for your 20 minutes run!!! You know you can do it :D


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