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W1R1: I did not keel over in the woods!

I'm really pleased! Did week 1, run 1 today, and I think it went rather well.

What amazes me is just how difficult it is to go from walking (of which I do rather a lot in everyday life) to 'a light jog'. The first one was ok, but by the seventh and eighth I really thought I was going to keel over in the woods and not be found til the following morning!

So it was tough, and I was sooo red in the face afterwards (hardly surprising as I have never done any aerobic exercise in my adult life), but I was pleased with how I recovered between runs and that I held it together afterwards rather than collapsing in a heap.

I'm not convinced I'll ever get to week 9, but reading the blog posts on here has encouraged me to start and I'm sure will motivate me to keep going. I am hoping it'll be like driving: feels like the most difficult thing to learn and that you'll never pass the test let alone be able to drive anywhere alone. Before you know where you are it's like falling off a log and you drive to work without really batting an eyelid. Here's hoping...

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Hi well done you. Glad the valley rescue didn't have to be called.

I'm on W1 Run 2 tomorrow and no doubt the dog walkers will again stare at me panting, sweating and glowing like a beacon - thinking she's only walking - little did they know I'd previously done 5 x 60 second mini marathons. Whilst walking one woman even commented "That's cheating" with a huge grin on her face, sorry but I had a sense of humour failure.

I hadn't listened to the whole podcast and not really read much and kept thinking "how many 60 seconds are you meant to do". Ignorance is bliss, unfortunately I now know its 8.

Don't even think about week 9, I'm not, I'm taking it one session at a time to avoid fear gripping hold of me and throwing me back on the couch with a glass of something white and very dry. Good luck.


Well done. Don't worry about week 9 just now you will get there. Keeping blogging!


Well done keep going .x


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