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Week 4 I've had enough!

Right thats it you've beaten me. I've been stuck on week for for a month!!

Enough is enough decided to go on to week 5 run 1 and blow the consequences.

Managed the first two 5 minutes relatively easily - the first time i've ever managed to get to 5 minutes!

But beaten by the last run, only managed 2.5 minutes, then another 1.5 minutes after 90 second walk- still pleased. I'll try again tomorrow before trying run 2.

Just dont understnd how I'm getting fatter since starting this running lark - thats just not fair

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Week 4 is the week I really had to go slow down... I have just come to terms with the fact that I am an extremely slow runner at this point. I just finished W9R1 and I can tell you that I am no faster... in my 30 minute runs I will not even make the 3K mark... but I am running that is the main thing..

Good luck maybe you want to reduce your speed in the next one and try that??


Took me more than a month to complete Week 1! Even if you like the music its not great over and over and over like that is it, so you have my sympathies!

My suggestion would that the first point where you can't carry on running as per programme... walk, and just keep brisk walking to the end of the podcast rather than running a bit more later on. It all seems to get a bit messy for people otherwise, you start second guessing whether you've completed that stage, you don't establish a habit of completing each run section and so on.

And my second suggestion would be to change something else about the run - route, time, whatever (assuming you've not tried 1001 variations already)

Perilously easy to eat more on C25K (I speak from bitter experience!)


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