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The dreaded 20 minutes....Done!!!!

I cannot believe it, I have just completed the dreaded 20 mins and not only did I do it, I enjoyed it so much I carried on for a couple more minutes till I got to the bottom of the hill.

This program is amazing...a couple of weeks ago I was nervous about running a full five minutes.

If I can do it anyone can. I have tried on loads of occasions to get fit and have always failed miserably. Now I am actually enjoying running!!!

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Well done you! I was obviously joining the site and typing my question about this run as you were typing your comment. Just can't seem to do it myself. Congratulations again


Many thanks. I would say that the key is to go really slow!! I have to say that I am barely going faster than a walk..thank god I run in the countywide where no one can see me! I don't care just as long as I keep at that pace! I will attempt to speed up one I have graduated.


Well done from me, too! I have the same dreaded run facing me tomorrow or Friday. Fingers crossed!


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