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Dithering again

Many thanks for all the words of encouragement, it is really appreciated.

Woke up very early this morning and thought about doing W1R2 - "thought" being the important word here. I was lovely and warm in bed, there was no need to get up early (school holidays) .........and I really didn't enjoy W1R1. I then thought about the weather forecast for the rest of the day - things weren't looking good. I'm also booked on to a Kettlebell class at tea time so it really was the best time. Eventually dragged myself out and was pleasently surprised.

The weather was lovely - overcast, cool and a light breeze. It was very quiet out, mainly dog walkers and cyclists. Managed the whole of W1R2, including all of the 60 second runs - no giving up after 50 seconds. Also realised I was getting my breath back much quicker after each run. Certainly can't describe it as an enjoyable experience but it was so much better than Monday.

Roll on Friday when, hopefully, I should be doing W1R3. Combined with going out on my bike yesterday, the kettlebell class I've got tonight and the spin class I'm doing tomorrow night I hope the results show on the sclaes when I go to my next WW's meeting.

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Well done, UKDana - I managed my second run today, too. I also found it a lot better than my first (I only did every other run, giving myself 4 minutes walk in between - but at least that way I finished the podcast, not gave up halfway through like Monday!!). I was glad I went out early, too ... as it rained heavily after I'd got home!

Good luck to us both for our third attempt! ;)


Congrats to the two of you for getting out there. It does get easier, so stick with it. Wonderful that you are taking steps towards a healthier life! We'll be cheering you on all the way!


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