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Loving my flatter stomach and you will too!

So I'm only midway through week 4 and absolutely loving the programme but today I've come to terms with the slightly unexpected newly toned body it's giving me! I know I'm not far through but today I've really started to notice a flatter and more toned stomach which I'm over the moon about. I'm young - almost 20 - which helps, but as a typical uni student I do more than my fair share of drinking/smoking/late night mcdonalds etc. and I'm at least two stone overweight. I wasn't ridiculously unfit coming into the programme as I did go to the gym occasionally as well as bits of tennis, netball etc. However, I knew I needed to improve my health which was my main reason for starting this programme. I used to do quite a bit of running when I was about 14-15, and had loved it so I was keen to start again.

But I have gone off track from my original point which is that this programme really is working wonders for my figure, and I know it will only get better as I get to the longer runs. Conveniently I finish the programme just as I go back off to uni so looking forward to that boost of confidence.

Also as an added note I really haven't changed my diet much, I'm going to start focusing on that a bit more towards the end of the programme. So to all of you out there who are doing this to tone up a bit, especially those who have been disappointed with the results then I urge you to stick at it and have faith. There will come a turning point (mine was this morning) when you'll look in the mirror and just beam from ear to ear and know it has all been worth it.

Good luck to all of you!

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well done. I would like a flatter stomch too and I have a pretty bad diet so you getting a flatter tomach has given me a lot of hope although i'm only on week 1


I know just what you mean. Some of my trousers are now a bit looser than they were and my other half has noticed the change in my shape as have my friends at slimming world, but the weight has not shifted yet, but I will not give up as I know that this will work, it just takes time. I remind myself every day that I am healthier than I was, 6 weeks ago 1 min running was awful but I have just completed week 6, a full 25 mins and still can't believe it.


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