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Week 6 Run 3 - Loved it (after first 5mins!!)

Set out Monday morning in perfect conditions (for me that is) cool and drizzly. After the warm up walk I found the first 5mins really hard and thought I'd never manage 10 mins let alone 25! Don't think I set off too fast just takes my old body a while to get pace and breathing sorted. The further I went the better I felt. By the end of the 25mins it was raining heavily and I was more than a 5mins walk from home so I carried on running for another 3 mins then did my walk! Laura says I'm now a runner so it must be true!!!

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Well done. I have this run to do tomorrow and secretly I'm looking forward to it.


By now you have probably done your 25mins run - hope it went well?! I think it's the run that really makes you feel you are a 'runner' at last.


Well done, I usually find the first few minutes of every run the hardest. I've got this one tomorrow & know what Angela means, I'm secretly looking forward to it (& a bit nervous too!)


Hope by the time you read this you have successfully run for 25mins - feels great yes?!

Did W7R1 last night which is just the same (walk 5 run 25). Still didn't like first 5 mins - think it's something that may improve with time or I'll just have to accept is normal for me.


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