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Serves me right, really!

So, after successfully completing W7R1 on Monday, I thought I'd give it a go today with my own music. Set up a great playlist and put it onto my Mp3. Put a 5 min walking song on there and 30 minutes of running songs, so that I can continue to 30 if I'm not completely dead.

Just returned having failed to run continually for the time the music was playing, but very confused as to why a song didn't turn up on the playlist...

Just checked and it turns out 3 songs didn't make it - which means I only had 15 minutes of running music anyway (What a disaster that I failed to run for that long, then!). Explanation being that my MP3 is just that, and I hadn't realised that the songs I'd picked from iTunes included some .m4a tracks.

Not the best day and serves me right for ditching Laura, I think!

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I never did the podcasts and instead used a free app by Zen labs that told me when to start and stop running, when I was halfway (in case I didn't have a circular route and needed to turn back) and when to do my my cool down. It played this over my specially chosen energetic playlist. I never had a problem and enjoyed the running because it was me time when I'd get to listen to stuff I hadn't heard in yonks!


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