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W8R2 + W8R3 Done :) Onto W9 tonight!

W8R2 + W8R3 Done :) Onto W9 tonight!

W8R2 - Dreadful. Phone played up and wouldn't play my music so I had to run with nothing :( I managed to do it - but I was not a happy bunny!

W8R3 - Much better! :) Brought the ole iPod out this time which never plays up (unless I forget to lock it!) Put my phone in my sports bra to calculate my distance and I did 2.8 miles - ooooooh, nearly there!

So here we are, cannot believe I'm at week 9 with just 3 runs to go til graduation! Time really has flown!

I've felt so tired after my week 8 runs though, ready to collapse when the final minute is up, so I'm hoping I can hang in there for the extra minutes tonight :) I may go back to the podcasts aswell so Laura can motivate me as even though the music's not to my liking, I do miss them!

Good luck to all you other Week 9ers - we can do it!! ;)

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You put it in your sports bra!!! What a fabulous idea:)

I only got a smart phone a couple of weeks ago and i'm itching to take it with me to measure distance but haven't gotten round to buying an arm band for it yet - You've just solved my problem!

It sounds like your at the same point as me too. I just did w8 r3 this morning in the pouring rain so I'll be onto week 9 on Sunday :s I'm sure you'll manage those extra 2 minutes just fine. I remember feeling like that about jumping from 25 to 28 minutes but it's funny how you just do it when it comes to it! Well done on your distance too - my maths isn't great but that looks like a really good distance for 28 minutes :)

Good luck for the final week x.


Hello Birdsnest - thanks for your message :)

Yep, in the bra it goes - I got that tip from the awesome people on this site!

You're so right, we've managed to step it up each week and we've got this far so it's obviously acheviable :) I think it's just a mental thing, knowing you're running that bit longer than usual.

I can't wait till I can finally say 'I can run for 30 minutes baby!!' Hehe :D Bring it on! :)

Well done on getting to week 9 too - we'll be graduates before we know it!

Keep it up and good luck too!! xx


I had to LOL at the phone in the sports bra...I did the very same thing early on until I bought my Garmin.

I, too, was just KNACKERED after those W8 runs. Part of it was the sore knee(s)..and our temps have been just horrid...high 20's low 30's make for nasty running. But part of it also was just being plain ole' tired. After a forced rest of a week due to "the knee I wasn't talking to", I've just finished W9 and each run felt better than the last.

Good luck with W9...I don't have to tell you "You can do it" cause you already know that you can.



WOO!! Well done on finishing week 9 :D That's brilliant, and I'm glad you knee's better :)

Hehe :D I get many funny looks when I'm fiddling about with it and I've also seen pure shock on peoples faces when I pull a phone out of there lol :D

The weather has been really up and down hasn't it! I really don't like running when its hot, so I'm glad it's raining now - hope it stays like this till later when I'm out :)

Thanks for the support Grammadog & keep up the good work, Graduate ;)


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