Couch to 5K

Raining Again !!!

Last Saturday as you know I did my first Park Run.

On Monday I did Week 8 Run 1 - but didn't take Laura with me and set my phone to record when I had run 5k.

Tonight it was and still is chucking it down and I have just completed Week 8 Run 2 - but this time I took Laura. Last night I also watched a bit of Born to Run on BBC i player and decided to have a relaxed run not to worry about my pace but just think more about rhythm and relaxing, Well what a super run I had by far the easiest of the longer runs I have done. I really enjoyed it and running in the rain was fabulous.

Also to update you on the Lidls sports wear, got a pair of capri pants today £5.99, they do come up small so I went up a size they are not as nice as my other ones but will be fine as a spare. I also bought a performance top £9.99 which again I went up a size. They also had a more expensive pair of capri pants and cycling shorts (in a cycling section). Worth having a look if you have a Lidls nearby.

Can't wait to get out again for Run 3 - only 4 to go till graduation

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Rhythm and relaxing - good advice. I'm at week 6 run 3 and have been getting worried about speed issues. I will just keep on repeating your mantra - thanks.


Just to add to what I said earlier, my phone had run out of battery so couldn't GPS my route and get the stats so a little bit disappointed when I got back, so had no idea what my pace was or anything. Then I decided to go on Endomondo and track my route, which I ran in 28 mins like Laura told me too and from that I could work out my pace - which was the fastest I'd run. I'm going to finish watching Born to Run tonight really did change my thinking about running.


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