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Week 5 run 3 is nearly here!!!

I'm pleased to say that week 5 run's 1 and 2 are done and dusted. I found the five minute runs as difficult as the eight minute runs so I'm hoping I won't even notice the jump to twenty minutes. In my dreams! I did run 2 yesterday and one minute into the first eight minute run it started thundering and lightning and the heavens literally opened. I was running in a playing field at the time and the grass is quite long and was already waterlogged before this sudden downpour! It became really difficult to run as my trainers filled up with water and my clothes got soaking wet. It began to feel as if I was running through treacle as my legs got heavier and heavier. I decided to run back out into the village and continue on the pavements and although it was a little bit better, I was still splashing my way through puddles that were up to my ankles! As I finished the second eight minute run and started my five minute cool down walk, the sun came out. I must have looked a sight walking along the road laughing out loud, dripping wet. I run with a friend and I don't think she found it as hard as I did. Maybe it's the age difference, she's 32 and I'm 56. I have a rest day today and then it's the big one tomorrow. I'm so worried that I won't make it and have been busy reading all the blogs on here which have inspired me but I still have doubts. I feel nervous and panicky thinking about it. I hope to let you know that I have done it and I know I have the support from everyone who has been in my shoes Wish me luck.

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Good luck! I did the same thing yesterday. It was so wet and muddy in the fields that I was sliding all over the place and had to come back out onto the pavements ( where everyone can see me!! ) I'm so proud of myself for managing 2 8 minute runs but i hurt my leg from sliding around so much I think. Am going to have to rest it a bit longer but am hoping all will be well by the weekend for the dreaded last run. Hope it goes well for you and the sun shines, look forward to hearing about it. Go you! :) x


Well done for getting round in all that water!!

Don't worry about run 3, I did it last week and was petrified about the big jump from 8 to 20 minutes. But it just happened and even when I was getting tired I was telling myself that you've come this far so you may as well carry on. I bit the bullet and before I knew it I was back on my walk.

Good luck :)


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