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Wk1R2 Finished, but it made me late for work!

I've got to be honest, I was really not in the mood for going for a run today. I felt tired, and just wanted to curl up on the sofa and watch a film before I started work. (The rain's to blame for this by the way!) I decided that the rain wasn't a good enough excuse to miss out on a day of the programme, so I packed my trainers and headed for the gym.

On Monday, I did my first run on the shorefront, so I was keen to see if running on the treadmill is easier or harder. The view was fab from the gym, which made the whole 'gym experience' a lot more bearable! I wasn't as out of breath as I was on my first run, but I heated up very quickly. Maybe bringing a water bottle would help me out...

To be honest, I did think running on the treadmill was easier, but I'm keen to run on the roads as much as I can. I'll probably try alternating between the two, as long as the weather stays dry!

(My work didn't seem to notice that I was 5 minutes late, but my red face was probably a giveaway...)

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Good for you for doing your run, even when you didn't really feel like it. It can be hard to motivate, but so worth it. Don't you feel proud of yourself? You should. :)


Great that you got going - you just need to give yourself that little push sometimes. Well done!


Hope you explained you had been running, or they might have thought something else!!

Good luck with run 3.


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