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Just when you think you're better than the podcast -Wk8R1 a humbling experience

So today was the first run of week 8 and I was coming off the high of wk 7. I didn't find wk7 as difficult as I thought so I was really looking forward to it. My run started off the same as usual I kept my pace at a slow jog and really got into it. By the 15th minute my ego took over and I convinced myself that I could run I did I picked up my speed but by the 22nd minute I was starting to struggle and I came to a stop. It was really disappointing because I really hate stopping but after about a minute of feeling incredibly sorry for myself I resumed it because I couldn't bear to be beaten. I brought it back down to a slower pace and continued. In the end I ran about 30 minutes and managed about 5k (perhaps just a little less).

I have found that sometimes I get tired of sticking to the programme and every time I think I know better I'm back listening to Laura with my tail between my legs. Although I'm proud of myself and yay I ran 5k I'm still a bit annoyed with myself!

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Win some, win some. You learnt a lot from this run about pacing and where you are physically at the moment. And you managed 30 minutes and 5k! Hoorah!


As Rhona says, you did well. I survived week 7 because I was on holiday and new surroundings made it more interesting but weeks 7 and 8 are a hard slog (almost monotonous) because it seems like such a long, long time and Laura doesn't talk to you much.


Well done you for starting the run again after stopping it!


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