Couch to 5K

wk9 r1

this morning i actually ran for 30 minutes none stop at 4.2 on treadmill then went up to 4.3.i have 2 more runs and thats it.not sure where i go from there. think i will need some decent running music.anyone recomend any cds or songs? and maybe venture outside.and i will need to know about what happens wen i have done my last i get a badge or something? ;-)

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Good to hear you're planning to carry on running after graduation. Time to start pacing out the local park to see how many times you have to run round it to make 5k! :) When you finish, contact JR21 (directory-admin link at top of page) and ask for your badge. It will appear next to your name! Look forward to seeing it :) Hope the T.shirts will be available soon then we can show the world! :) I run to classical cardio 2 from Itunes which is great fun, but there are loads of songs available and I'm sure the forum will come up with lots of ideas.


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