Couch to 5K

R2W7 Victory from the jaws of defeat -or that's how it felt!

Horrible weather, my favourite trackie bottoms were still in the wash (who's fault is that?) I hadn't been out running for a week due to v busy half term and I thought I've got to at least try or I'll have to go back to wk 6 if I leave it much longer.

So I set out in the monsoon. Couldn't do my favourite route along by the cornfields as it would be a swamp, my second favourite route on a quiet country road also out of the question due to poor visibility - didn't want to be collected by a tractor. So the path by the main road it was - haven't gone that way since week 2 so no idea how long it might take. 3 mins into the warm up walk my mp3 player died -- out of charge (note to self - don't let the kids play with it). No music! No Laura! Aggggg!! Drawing on reserves of bloodymindedness I didn't know I had, I set the countdown timer on the phone for 25mins and off I went. Got splashed by a git in a BMW - I'm sure he did it on purpose. When I got to my turnaround point I glanced at the timer - 14 mins. Great! only felt like about 10. So got back past where I started running - where's the timer? Surely I couldn't have been faster on the second leg. Only then realised I'd set the count DOWN timer ie I'd only run 11 minutes when I thought I'd done 14! Doh! Still - kept plodding on past the school (ducking down in case anyone saw me and thought I was certifiable for being out in the conditions). Even ran a few minutes beyond the 25 minute mark (only to get home a bit quicker).

As I dripped in the hall the sense of acheivement was immense - better even than the end of week 5! Treated myself to a hot bath instead of my usual quick shower - bliss! It was probably the hardest run since Week1 (apart from when I donated blood and did not factor that in) and I am still amazed that I can run for 25mins without dying - albeit slowly. C25K is fantastic!

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Well done you!! Sheer bloodymindedness does keep you going doesn't it. I remember one of my first runs, my ipod kept cutting out and going back to the beginning, I was getting to be in a pretty bad mood by now but wasn't going to give up and then met the garbage truck in the lane, which meant cars backed up and me sweating and red in the face for all to see. I was hoping this torture (that's how it felt then) could have been done in private!

Finally got into a rhythm and was stuggling up a hill just as the school was disgorging loads and loads of kids. An alternative route to avoid them was flooded and so I had to pass them on the pavement, which my legs thought was a tad too far and they were only toddlers! The looks on their faces was one of total bafflement.

Finally getting home after what had almost been total humiliation, I just laughed, as it could only get better and I know what time of day to avoid at all costs now.

I never thought then that I could do what I'm doing, and it feels great doesn't it. If I can succeed anybody can and I haven't even graduated yet! Good on you for not letting the glitches set you off track :)


Thanks BettyTwinkle. Your reply about dodging the toddlers made me laugh. Tho to be honest my kids think adults are pretty weird anyway and most things we do are incomprehensible. Well done to you too for carrying on. If all that did not put you off you will definitely make it to graduation! :-)


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