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Week 5 run 3... done!

Well I finally mustered up the courage to do WK5R3 this morning... should have done it yesterday but too much amber nectar on sat put yesterday as an extra rest day :/

Anyway, I was rather jittery this morning... its a big jump from 8 mins of R2, which I found quite tough. After a good talking to, I took the bull by the horns and went for it. It is definitely mind over matter cos if you tell yourself its too tough, you'll never complete the 20 mins.

When the 5 min mark passed I thought the next 15 mins would seem like a lifetime but it wasnt too bad and went quite quickly, surprisingly. then Laura said id got only 2 mins left... those last 2 mins were tough, I could have walked quicker from tiredness but knowing those tiny 2 mins were all I'd got, it spurred me on to finish, and what a great feeling!

The other thing that got me through is that I recognised some of the songs from previous weeks.. so I thought that if I could run through these songs on previous weeks, I can do them now. They were like meeting an old friend lol!

So as long as you think you can do it, you will... you're the only one in your way :)

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Brilliant. Well done! You are very positive and you need that positivity to get through these weeks!! Keep on running and posting on here! :)


Fantastic, well done you! Great achievement :-)


Well done! I think this is the real turning point in the programme and you have obviously worked really hard to get here. Congratulations and good luck with week six :) x


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