Couch to 5K

Damn those sore heals!!!!

Well, isnt that my luck, i finally get myself some correct trainers and i end up with Plantar fasciitis (sore heels). I think it must have been the hard pounding on my feet following my attempts to do week 1 at 11kph....

If you have never had them, thank yourself lucky. The back end of the heel is very sore, like a bruise, which creeps up the ankle a little bit what also feels bruised. It is especially keen on the morning, getting out of bed walking on the wooden floor. Who would ahve thought getting so fit would be so sore?

Been icing them for the last couple of days, taking anti inflamataries and doing those toe up and down exercises.

Havent run since sunday. Going to see how i feel tomorrow.

There is an outside chance that the trainers (asics gel) are making the problem worse, but it seems they are universally admired trainers specifically for helping this kind of problem.

All seemed fine in my cheap reeboks!

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Ouch! - I got PF last year after walking my feet into the ground on a 'relaxing' holiday in Spain - we averaged 16, 000 steps a day and my OH and I both paid for it. It took the best part of 8 months to clear up and we still both get some residual pain if we over do totally understand how frustrating it is - for a while my colleagues had to get used to be yelping with pain everytime I stood up from my desk! I invented some new swear words along the way too.

Please do rest... I kept trying to push on but it just flared up worse... I saw my Osteo which helped a bit and she taught me to freeze a bottle of water and roll it with your foot... it really took the edge off as the rolling action helped relief it and the ice soothed it - also I got heel cushioned insoles which I still use every day now... it really helped take the pressure off. Also I found cycling helped... don't ask me why! maybe it was the feel good factor of feeling that I was exercising without weight on my heels.

Really hope yours eases soon - keep up with the exercises - it will clear... honestly... and one day you'll wake up and not wince when you put your feet on the floor and it will feel amazing!

Ali x


oooh and do try wearing your old trainers instead - I definitely have some shoes that increase the chances of mine flaring up...


I've got it and it is a pain - strangely enough it doesn't bother me when running... Too much walking in the wrong shoes set it off for me, plus it's my left foot and I did have quite a few problems with Achilles tendonitis on that foot in the past - apparently the 2 can be linked. I have to be really careful to wear well-cushioned shoes now (which is the reason I got a pair of decent running shoes and then decided I didn't want to waste them on walking, so started this). It's been going on for months now, but, touch wood, actually seems to be improving (I ignored it for ages not knowing what it was). The rolling over an iced can really helps, so do stretches and I'm also using some ibuprofen gel, but I agree, it is very unpleasant! Oh, mine are Asics GT2160 Gel and they do seem to help quite a bit, strangely enough, the next most comfy pair are my Crocs


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