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Week 3 Run 1 - Done, but really frustrated :(

I completed week 3 run 1 this morning, without being too breathless and I should be feeling really proud of myself because just three short weeks ago I couldn’t even imagine running 60 seconds let alone three whole minutes. I do feel proud of myself, but I am also feeling extremely frustrated too.

Following my run on Thursday (w2r2) I started to get pain in my lower legs from the base of my knees towards my foot on my inner shin. I wasn’t sure if this pain I was experiencing was just my body adjusting to the exercise, so decided to ‘run through’ the pain on Saturday (w2r3) and again today. The pains have remained since Thursday’s run and hurt pretty much all the time, especially when I walk down the stairs. I’m not sure if running through the pain was a mistake and a bit foolish which I am annoyed at myself for. I am now in so much pain I can’t tell where the pain is exactly and it hurts even when I am sitting down. Do you think these pains are shin splints? Should I take a week off running?

I have rung a local running shop that does gait analysis and I am thinking (hoping!) that perhaps it is my trainers? I am currently wearing these Nike Airs to run in….

I am worried about buying new trainers and it not being the cause of my troubles as we don’t have a lot of money at the moment. However, I know I will never know unless I try!

I am really frustrated at this set back :( If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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Feel for you, all I can really say is go to a doctor and get thier advice. Others may have had similar issues and I hope this is all resolved so you are not in any pain.


You poor thing ! Sometimes it's difficult to know which pain to run through and which pain is telling you to stop. I had shin splints quite early on in the program and ran through them but the information on the internet was conflicting - some places advised running through it and others said complete rest was essential. I felt the pain through the front of my shins, quite a sharp pain every time my foot hit the ground. I'm not sure if that is the same thing as the pain you describe.

I think, if I were in your shoes, I would go for the gait analysis asap and see what they advise with regard to the pain you have at the moment. If they say you need to rest, then take their advice and rest. Once you feel better, go back for another gait analysis (being pain free might make a difference) before making any decision about buying shoes. If you don't want to splash out on new shoes perhaps ask if you can get suitable inserts to try in your current shoes before you commit yourself to new ones ? I think a decent running shop will understand that you want to be absolutely sure you are making the right choice.

Good luck ! :-)


You poor thing. I had the same W2R3. I tried running through it & ended up in agony for couple of days. I rested for 4 days, and after reading about gait etc, I took more notice of my feet today on W3R1. I realised I was running on outside of my feet so I concentrated on trying to land neutrally. I'm amazed to say that I found the run much easier than expected and, although I got some pain, it was negligible compared to before. I will probably go and get a proper gait analysis done now too so let us know how yours goes. I guess is probably true that everyone has good and bad days too. Whatever you decide, good luck! :0)


I had this at the start, and found that a shorter stride, and also Laura's advice of not being too "bouncy" when running helped ease the pain. I am overweight and I think the impact on my feet as well as the tightness of my calves made it worse. I found some stretches which involve flexing your toes up towards you benefit before running. If the pain persists definitely see a doctor though, so you don't risk making it worse or causing more damage.

I see your post was in May. I hope you have managed to overcome this, or if not that my reply might help a little - even if only for knowing there's someone else out there trying to overcome similar problems! :-)


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