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Running with a friend for the first time

HAppily repeating W6, after some time off due to an injury and a holiday. It's tough, but I'm getting back into it. New challenge tomorrow - though - I have signed up for a 5k in May with a friend of mine and she asked if we want to go running with her tomorrow! It will be my first time running with another person, and a bit intimidating as she is properly sporty...and, well, I'm not. Hoping I won't pass out! So glad I signed up ages ago for this run - I think I had some severe commitment wobbles over the past few weeks and having a goal has kept me focussed. Now to find a polite way to say to her that I'd rather listen to Laura than talk to her as we run around....

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You'll be fine...I was a little nervous when I ran with a friend as I knew she was faster than me. It all went fine & I loved running with someone...have to say though that on occassions I could only manage one word answers whilst talking. :)


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