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Too much Guinness!!!

Went on rugby tour last weekend with my local club to support the junior side. I have never drunk so much alcohol in one (long) weekend. Anyway got back monday evening feeling a little jaded. I usually run Mon / wed and fri so missed monday morning run. Got up tuesday morning for my first run of week 5. Jumped on the scales as I sometimes do in a morning.....I had put on 8 pounds over the weekend!!!!!! Is that possible????

The run tue was hard work. the weekends boozing planted a mischevious devil on my shoulder telling me to give up and go home. I stuck at it and finished (only to feel like throwing up after) I can see why serious sportsmen stay off the beer.

Second run was the day after. I know you should take a days rest but wanted to get back on track with the programme. The run went well and I felt good after with the renewed energy I had felt on previous weeks.

My third run this week was this morning (friday), week 5 run 3, solid 20 mins run without any walking. Got on the scales this morning and my weight has dropped back down the 8 pounds I had gained. Can anyone explain that? The run was probably the toughest yet but I was prepared for that. I ran at a slightly slower pace, if that was possible, and finished completing approx 2 miles in 1 go!! I ran for 23 minutes. Starting to feel like a proper runner now. Hope my endurance running can match my endurance drinking exploits.

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Hey Jenson.. well done!! and that 8lbs will have been fluid retention which happens after alot of booze (i know this as have been known to frequently over indulge) and i can empathise with your feeling of wanting to throw up after your run on tues.. well done for pushing through the pain and not listening to that mischievous devli.. can be hard to shut him up at times.. keep it up, you are more than half way there now and that w5r3 is a huge milestone!!


Beer and Wine and incredible empty calories, you did really well cracking on with the programme after such a busy weekend.

Thinking of pace is really good (she says like she's all knowing lol) its definitely better to complete a run slower than usual than to burn out and fail, possibly giving yourself an injury in the process.

Well done on the 2 mile stretch, that's really good.

I'm sure your running endurance will soon be kicking your drinking endurances butt!


Ah the devil that is BEER! I like a drink most weekends...OK every weekend, It does pile on the pounds which through the week drop off, Moral of the tale, don't weigh yourself on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday!!!:)


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