Couch to 5K

Getting back after injury

things have been going really well. I've completed week 4 and really felt ready to tackle week 5. Unfortunately, I did something to my toe and had severe pain in my little toe joint of my right foot when running barefoot.

I do a lot of taekwondo and with an imminent grading have had to rest up big time. Thing is the grading will soon be over with and I'm wondering 2 thing: anyone experienced similar foot pain and should I repeat a week 4 run or go straight for week 5? I expect it'll be 2 weeks since my last run but have had very little trouble so far.

Any thoughts?

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Haven't had the same type of pain so can't really comment on that. I'd say go for w5 and see how it can always drop back if it's too much. Good luck with the grading


Why are you running barefoot?


I do taekwondo and it's barefoot


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