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Does anyone else suffer with this? I am on week 7 of the plan- which is going well! BUT I seem to get a headache each time i do a run. It starts off slowly as a mild one but by evening, its a full blown one.

Dehydration was suggested as a likely cause but i now drink water constantly through the run.

I run at my local gym and follow it up with a hour's workout of zumba, body pump, yoga or plan 'ole' aerobics. I now eat a fruit when i complete my workout.

Any ideas of how to rid of these headaches? They are getting me down.....

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There are three things which give me a headache when I exercise. Being a little dehydrated is one.

Not replacing carbohydrate stores is another - people who start a low-carb diet often complain of a headache at first. The brain needs carbohydrates to work properly. You don't have to drink sports drinks, a banana and then a sandwich for lunch is fine.

Finally, could it be a tension headache? If it was less severe on the days you do yoga, that would be my guess. You are doing a lot of cardio, if you are hunching your shoulders or getting a tight neck then that can cause a headache. Stretches for those areas can help.


Also we often drink less water than we realise, you say you drink water constantly through your run, but what about the rest of the day?


I am the same I'm on wk 8 run 3 and have had a headache after my last 3 runs so have upped my fluids and I tend to sip whilst running. It seems to have done the trick today though. Hope you have managed to find a solution to your headaches too :)


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