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calories burned

reading a running book at the moment by hal higden. in this he says that walking a mile burns approx 100 calories, but if you run that same mile you also burn 100 calories. so, if you run you just burn it quicker :)

I have a treadmill & have used the treadmills at the gym & they give different readings to each other. but both give me a reading of between 65-75 per mile.

I have therefore decided that I like this "rule" of 100 calories per mile & so prefer to use it as a guide.

just thought I would mention it in case someone is weight watching by calorie intake & this could help with working out extra calories earnt on your run & how much extra you may need to fuel that exercise :)

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Interesting!!! Thanks for that x


dont know how true it is as book is from 1998 :)


that has been my experience but I am a metric but so I work on about 80 calories a KM!

As I understand it, and Random had some good stuff on this in the past, that speed makes some difference of course to calorie consumption but distance in the bigger factor. Speed is more about "fitness" and for straight calory effect a really long walk is better than a short run but then you don't have the fitness effects so I guess you pays your money and takes your choice.


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