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Don't think CouchTo5k is attainable? Feel free to read my story

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Today, after the 27 runs; I did something that (just under) 9 weeks ago: I thought impossible...

Iv struggled with my weight, for as long as I can remember. Going back to primary school, thinking of ways to get out of swimming lessons, as my man boobs would make me ashamed. As an adult: I accepted that I'm morbidly obese, and my being overweight, WOULD KILL ME at some point.

Just before Christmas (2020) I started getting palpitations, accompanied by tightness in my chest. At 35, and weighing 18st 8, I thought any day I could have a heart attack, and that would be it.

Several trips to the doctor, blood tests and multiple ECG's showed irrational sinus tachycardia (an unexplained speeding up of the heart.) The doctors only explanation was my weight.

January came, and I decided "I'm not ready to go, and when I do: it's not going to be like this" so I started working on my diet, and learned about this program. My brain told me "running isn't for fat people, it's for the super fit" so I procrastinated, for 2 months, but would go for a 2km walk daily.

Come march 17th, I thought "how do I know I can't do it, if I don't try?" I put on my trainers and set off. Jogging for 60 seconds, I felt a sharp pain, as if someone had impaled me from my shoulder, through my heart and out my chest. My brain said "told you! Running is for the fit people." Seeing this community though: I thought "No! It's not, what will happen if I carry on?" And so I did.

Now, I graduated... Iv lost 42lbs, and I look at myself in the mirror, and I'm extremely proud of the man looking back! Am I still overweight? Yes! Do I still have a hill to climb? Yes! But I'm off to an excellent start, and I'll never revert to my old ways.

I'm sorry it's a long story, but I'm so emotional, and I need to get my thoughts out of my head, and written down. This community has literally been instrumental in saving my life. How can I ever repay that debt? It's my hope that with the way the internet is: someday someone in a similar situation to what I was in, may read this, and so the circle of positivity will continue to turn.

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What an amazing story and bloody well done to you. You should feel proud of yourself too! I bet you feel amazing!

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Sensory_LeafGraduate in reply to DawnQ1

Thank you!!! Physically I do feel amazing, I'm very emotional thought, which feels strange. In this post, iv confronted some thoughts, that I'd buried deep in my psyche, and it's uncomfortable facing them.For me though; running is about mental as well as physical health, and aswell as shedding lbs, I suppose there's mental "baggage" I need to shift. I guess I just need to meditate on the topics addressed, and give myself time to process it all

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I run because of stress and it really helps. Makes you feel you can achieve anything if you try eh! Well done.

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Great job 😃💪👊✊👍🏅

Have fun with your running 😃. I wish you success with your efforts to get fit and healthy. Take it steady 🙂👍

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Fantastic achievement , well done you ! 👍👏👏👏And what an honest and open post !

And yes, you are right it is emotional when you complete this program, it was for me ,

Thank you for your open and honest post and may you go from strength to strength 👍

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P.SDon't forget to claim your well deserved graduate badge 👍

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Wow What an inspiration to us all. I can only dream of getting to week 9!

I to have suffered for years with my weight. I’m currently on week 3 and gave lost 10lbs. I’m happy with that.

You keep up with the running and I wish you every success with the future. A well deserved graduation!


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Sensory_LeafGraduate in reply to Hidden

Your coming along great!! I remember interacting with your first post, before you started. Also I was on at you for feeling "embarrassed" about running during daylight. Great to hear the lbs coming off, hopefully your feeling a bit more confident now.It will soon be your time, and you'll be graduating, think how far you've come already! I look forward to following your journey, keep up your hard work

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Hidden in reply to Sensory_Leaf

Thank you so much!


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sparky66Graduate in reply to Sensory_Leaf


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Congratulations Runner!! You've done amazing and what's more you've taken responsibility for your own health which has put you on a new trajectory!

Enjoy your achievement, it's a great achievement, and keep on running, you'll be absolutely amazed where it can take you. 💝

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First of all CONGRATULATIONS!!!🏃‍♂️🥇✨ 🏃‍♂️Wow had tears in my eyes reading your story you have done should be very proud of yourself 🙏

Yes it really does help with our mental health's made a huge difference to how I cope with my own issues..🙏

Keep focused and keep running and eating healthy🥒🍆🍅🌽

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I've shed the "middle aged spread" and several notches on the trouser belt. I wasn't overweight but was moving towards the high end of normal. The weight loss didn't happen immediately but with persistence. I graduated in August but by Christmas had lost about 16 pounds, and the excesses of the season didn't make a dint in it. I levelled off at that weight for a couple of months, then when I started to be running for more than an hour a few more pounds dropped off.

Well done for getting through the C25K course!

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Great inspiration & well done for coming this far. You have made some big changes. Onwards and upwards!

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Many congratulations on your graduation, fellow runner.

This guide to post C25k running may be helpful

C25K is a life changer.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Well done you Sensory_Leaf ! And don't worry, you don't have any debt to pay, just keep on paying it forward, as you are already. 😀

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Wow. Congratulations on your graduation. Be proud and keep smiling 😊👍🥳

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Fabulous post! Well done! You must be so proud of yourself and quite rightly so! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 All the best with the rest of your running journey. I too am overweight and you and I like many others have demonstrated that it can be achieved! Congratulations again!😀

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Congratulations mate! You’ve dug deep and then dug further still to complete this program so well done on graduating, you’ve fought those demons every step of the way and every right to be proud of yourself! 🥇👏👏👏👏👏

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Congratulations and very well done!👍👏👏👏. I was obese prior to C25K .I managed to lose 19kg prior to starting C25K and another 3Kg during the program. I find an honest look in the mirror is great for motivation, if I start to gain weight its back on the diet and out for a run. I wish you all the best for the future.

Congratulations what an achievement 🎉🥳 and an amazing successes story. You're an inspiration well done.

Massive congratulations, your story is a wonderful one to read. Like you say, the mental health benefits of running are beyond what many would expect 🥰 I remember an early run during my C25K journey where I just burst into tears. The stress just poured out of me!

Hold onto that feeling of pride and keep going. This is only the beginning! 🤩🙌🏼🏆🥳

Wow, amazing! You've already paid it forward, posting your inspirational story here for others who might be thinking they can't do it. Every success to you as you continue on your healthy life style journey!

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Amazing story, well done & keep going! I started on 15th March but had to redo W8 because vaccine side effects knocked me off course for a week or so, so am starting W9 on Monday, hoping to graduate on Friday. Your story is an inspiration to all those who think they can't do it, I was definitely one of those at W1.

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Hello there and thank you for posting this. I usually feel supported, encouraged and inspired by posts here. I don’t often feel tearful about how people have kept going and achieved, or worked towards, their goal. Your story is truly inspiring and as you said, I hope it encourages others in the future. So well done you and thank you! 🙏

Congratulations on your graduation Sensory_Leaf and here's to an active, healthy future for you!👊🏼

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Massive thank you to all who responded. Your messages are all so supportive and it's frankly overwhelming. It literally brings a tear to my eye; the support that this community offers, and I don't know what to say other than thank you. 🕉️🙏☮️💚

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Circle of positivity says it all. Great to hear your story and stick with it 👏👏👍

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What an inspirational read - amazing perseverance and true example of mind control - brilliant - well done you!! Congratulations 😊😊😊😊

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Yes! You did it! Congratulations! What a wonderful and inspiring story - the real weight that we need to let go of and that running helps with - is the mental one - once that starts to lighten the world is your oyster - I'm so glad you made that choice - 35 is so young - you have so many years of amazing life to live - go you!

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I’ve only just read this, and want to say what an inspiring story! And belated congrats on finishing C25K, even though it was 3 weeks ago. I hope you’re having fun consolidating, although it’s mighty warm out there at the moment! Happy running 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️👍👍👍🏆🏆🏆.

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Sensory_LeafGraduate in reply to Frenc

Thank you!! Running in these temperatures definitely offers a new challenge. I try to run as early as I can, to avoid most of the heat

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