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How to not talk yourself out of running, whilst on a run?

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Last week I completed couch to 5K, I didn’t miss a single run and absolutely loved it.

Monday was my first run since, and after 20 minutes I couldn’t physically run any further. I didn’t think anything of it, until I went for my run this morning and after 10 minutes I just stopped, gave up and walked home. I really don’t know why I talk myself out of it or how to stop doing that. I was so excited to continue to run for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Has anyone else experienced this? It is so frustrating!

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I think the answer is to do the exact opposite - talk yourself into running. When I was doing the longer runs I had a sort of mantra “I CAN do this! I’ve already done it a few days ago/a week ago” you get the idea. Positive thinking. After all, you’ve graduated so you know without a doubt that you can physically run for 30 minutes. It worked for me whenever I was doubting myself or flagging and I really hope that it works for you 😊

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Nf30x in reply to JetsNanna

Thank you! Yes I might try again at lunch time. 🥰 x

The monthly Consolidation Club exists for new graduates like you who are struggling.

I suggest you look in there and have a chat, but also set some short term (weekly) targets as well as more medium and long term targets, as suggested in the guide to post C25k running

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I think you’ve experienced something that is not uncommon. The structure and focus you had during the programme isn’t there any more so you need to find something to aim for. As IanoddaTruffe says, the Consolidation Club might be what you’re looking for. Good luck!

I was exactly the same but after finishing the programme I needed the structure.. the minute I thought about stopping, I stopped .. the brain is sometimes our own worst enemy .. I found just replaying one of the Week 9 runs to run with helped keeping the positive vibes going .. hope it goes well

Yes this is what I said, I think I need to repeat week 9.... forever 🤣

The exact same happened to me today!!! I posted about half an hour ago... Virtually same question... 20 mins in my brain said No..... Arghhhh

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Nf30x in reply to Chuggyz

Oh I didn’t see that! - It is so frustrating isn’t it. I am going to try repeating week 9 and see how I get on.

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As quite a few of my posts suggest, Nf30x and Chuggyz, I'm convinced that once you've got a degree of physical fitness, the mental game plays a huge part in whether you complete a run or not, or indeed whether you go out for one.

If you tell yourself you've had enough, or need to stop, then your body will go yup, you're right, time to finish. However, if you keep telling yourself you can run for another five minutes, then your body will believe you, and you've every chance of completing 30 minutes, as you have before. NB This is not a recommendation for pushing yourself too hard, simply a technique to beat the gremlins!

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Nf30x in reply to Cmoi

Thank you! ☺️Yes I will keep trying and telling myself, that I can do it.

You need a little recovery. Don’t put yourself down. See if you can follow consolidation and follow the advice. Go you! 🌸😊🌸

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Yes! There comes a point sometime after graduation when every runner has to decide whether they're in it for the long haul or not. It's at that moment when you realise that running has more to do with your brain than your legs!Push on through - you won't regret it!

Good luck x

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Nf30x in reply to Speedy60

Thank you! - Yes I agree, I will try to stick to it. I will re-do week 9 and see how that works. ☺️

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