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Blocked ears!

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A strange title for a post, I know!

I've been off running for two months now, due to illness and a bereavement that took me halfway across the world. I want to get back into it again with the aim of completing a 10k run in May: I did a 4k three weeks ago for charity and it went ok thank goodness.

Anyway I've been battling a weird virus for nearly three weeks now, a cold that just went straight to my ears. They are still blocked despite trying everything. I wondered if it's safe to try running while I'm like this or not? I know in theory you can run with a cold but I thought I read somewhere that ear problems were more tricky.

Any tips or advice? I really want to get back into running!



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Is your balance ok? That would be my biggest concern for you. I tend to get plugged ears pretty easily and will use an oral decongestant as needed. It seems to help me. One of our forum members Razouski runs with hearing loss and has some balance issues from it so will hopefully pop by to give her take on it.

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FunnyrunnerGraduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thank you, SaskAlliecat. I often get balance problems with my ears anyway (labyrinthitis) that are exacerbated when I run, which is so frustrating. Perhaps I am best off doing a short run in the field near my house in case I wobble!

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SaskAlliecatGraduate in reply to Funnyrunner

Sticking close to home when you're feeling wobbly would be a good idea. Take care out there.

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