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What a pain😑


Good evening all,

Cannot believe i will be W6R2 tomorrow, never thought i would make it this far so am quite pleased with myself. Mind you it hasn’t been easy, at times i have felt like stopping but have seemed to push through to the end of each run💪🏽😁

I have over the weeks developed a pain in my breast bone/rib cage area. An odd dull ache, that seems to flare up after each run.

Having done some googling I think the pain may be something called costochondritis. ( think thats how you spell it)

Has anyone else experienced this whilst running? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, i really don’t want to stop now that i have the running bug😕

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Well done you.... maybe slow down a tad.. the pain could be tension... or even indigestion...It is unlikely to be Costochondritis but.. we are not medically trained so..if it continues and is an issue then see your GP


What oldfloss said. Take the next one real slow and see what happens.


My best guess is that its because you are expanding your chest when you breathe more deeply while running than you usually do, it should settle down quite quickly as your fitness increases but maybe take an extra rest day between runs. (obviously, consult a medic if the symptoms persist or worsen.)

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