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brown spot on finger that stings & wont wash off, has been here for weeks ever sense i noticed. please help!!


i have health anxiety so when i looked up stuff about brown spots on fingers it said skin cancer.... and now i’m having a severe panic attack. could someone assure me that i don’t have cancer or at least give me an explanation? it’s not marker or anything. i’ve tried washing it and it’s been here for too long. it sting and aches. please let me know, thanks!

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Self diagnosing anything will just feed your anxiety. Never look up symptoms on the internet, you’ll always be dying... if you’re worried about anything, go see your GP, that’s their job. I could also look up your symptom and tell you it’s something trivial. Like you did I’d be guessing.


I agree with UnfitNoMore......take yourself to the GP to get it checked out and then you will be reassured.Thats what they are there for if it's something you are genuinely worried about.

I work in healthcare and my first thought is that it looks like nothing to worry about at all but your gp is the one to hopefully put your mind at rest.



This is a running forum and our policy is to advise anyone who is worried about a persistent condition to get professional medical advice.


Maybe take a look in the link..this is probably not the forum you want😊

violamills in reply to Oldfloss

don’t know if you’re joking or not but it’s not funny. i’m seriously wondering what it is and they show up all over my hands. i have health anxiety so being giving a link to a cancer website really doesn’t help. this website is for health in general.

ItstheMarchHareGraduate in reply to violamills

Hi Viola, although this site is a general one for health, you’ve managed to post your query in the forum about running, so our answers probably won’t be much help. Hope you get to talk with your doctor, all the best.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to violamills

My apologies if you misunderstood... as IannodaTruffe said...this is a running forum although linked through Heath Unlocked .

We would advise you to get appropriate and expert medical advice.


Hi Viola, this is the "C25K" running forum, and not the place for general health enquiries. I think that all the advice that you've been given in this post has been given in a spirit of helpfulness. Certainly you need to see your GP if you have concerns over that brown spot. My friend Oldfloss pointed you at a community site for questions about cancer. The folks on that site I am certain would give you the reassurance that you are seeking, because they are more likely to have experience of cancers that us runners here on C25K site.

I'm a big believer in facts. That brown spot is in a really unlikely place for it to be a carcinoma. So, whilst you should go and talk with your doctor, there is a very low probability of it being cancerous. However, that location on your finger is a very likely place for a wart or verruca. Of all the possibilities, the most likely one is a flat wart (verruca plana) and the treatment is very simple. Your GP can help diagnose this, and help you with treatment (if it is necessary).

I'm a big believer in facts. I'm not a GP, medically qualified, or even have sufficient information from the photograph that you posted to give you any advice. Please make an appointment to see your GP, and attend, confident that the probability of this being cancerous is vanishingly small.

Do let us know how you get on.

It looks like a little blood blister to me. If you can’t see your GP the Pharmacist is amazing at looking at things and giving advice.

Good luck

thanks for all the replies! i was unaware that i had posted this to a running thing. i thought it was just something i followed, sorry about that


My husband is an ex-carpenter and it looks like a sunk splinter to me ! The best idea is to get it looked at ASAP. If you’re worried about taking up the GP’s time, it’s worth getting a practice nurse or pharmacist to take a look. Pharmacists don’t even need appointments ! I’m sure it’ll be sorted soon. All the best with it x

thank you!!

ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to violamills

You’re welcome 😊

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