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W8R1 Glad to be alive and not running 13.1 miles!

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Changing my running days this week due to the extra run I'll be doing on Saturday. Today in my home town of Carlisle there is a 1/2 marathon taking place (Great Cumbrian Run) it starts at 10am, so I thought I'd better get my wee section of it done before the professionals come alone. I tried to mix my pace up a bit using lamposts as markers and going faster between selected ones. I think it went ok. I also ran faster for the last 1-2 minutes pre-empting Sarah but lol she never said it today! Glad its done, again I enjoyed it once I got out of the door. Good luck everyone, whatever week you are on.

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Well done!! I did this run yesterday and waited to be told for the run faster minute at the end too but it never happened either! So I just did it-I like those wee bursts even when you don’t think you can do them!

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Sounds like a great run to me... you can do the HM next time 😂

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SOULY47Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Haha. Been there and done two. Never again. I think 5k is just a nice distance for an ole gal.

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to SOULY47

I dunno yet... not been there, but training for anything above 5k is time consuming, much as I love running I can’t see me putting myself through more than one marathon, so maybe a half on the way up and one on the way back down!

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