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hi everyone and good morning to all.just abit of advice am onw7r1 on monday and the plan for me is to do all my runs first on the tredmill then when i can run for 30 mins is to go out then and do a park run.what do you think i have not run outside yet i run at 5mph and a incline of 5% do you think tat is ok as i think it is what do you think please let me know thank you

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I did that some years ago. It's quite different running outside but it's just acclimatisation, to uneven surfaces, harder surfaces, varying inclines ( up and down are both challenging and maintaining your oace, it's easy to go too fast outside. You might need two or three runs or two weeks outside but you'll be fine


Maybe it would be good for you to give it a go outside beforehand a few times, even if it’s a small run just so you get the feel for it Paul, it might be better than going straight into the 5K park run. 🙂👍

paul1960Graduate in reply to Hidden

yeh i might give it ago before i do a park run.but i am going to do the c25k first on tredmill

dont feel comfy outside yet.then i will do 5k on mill then outside cheers

Well done so far. Personally, I found running outside to be much better than treadmill. Found it much more interesting. Your call but I think you might find it more enjoyable.

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