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Week 7 run 2


So after my unexpected extra running in my first run I was very wary that I was only doing 25 mins. I started of well and again got to 17/18 mins and started to blow out. I kept going and slowed the pace down, got my wind & rythem back around the 20 mark. I done the 25 mins and got a good 4.3k in. I find that without music i can pace myself better. Also thinking if I can find somewhere flatter, Quite a few hills round my way. I've stopped looking for Places to go to as Im of the thinking use what's around home. It's free and on my doorstep. lol

In all I'm so pleased with the hard work I'm putting into my running fitness, strength, dieting. Only bug is I'm still a bit wobbly round the belly. I can feel my core getting stonger/tighter but just need to shed a few layers of the wobbly stuff and loose a love handle or 2. Might ask santa

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Great post. Im just back in from my W7R2. I'm surrounded by hills and wondering if I should move to Norfolk (I think that's flat) I run slow and cover 3.4 miles for the entire 35 mins. Way short of reaching 5k but then I know I'll never be speedy. Flabby yes, speedy no. Good luck and I hope Santa puts you on his good list.


Great job Johnny... absolutely smashing it and good work on that pace today. I’m with you on the free and on the doorstep... just down the road I have a gym, just behind my house I have the Pennines... I know which one I prefer. Those hills of yours are building stamina, and speed (if you ever do a flat run) so as you’re coping well I wouldn’t bother looking elsewhere either. Keep up the great work on all fronts.

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