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A slightly chaotic W9 R1 but I did it!


I set off tonight in my brand new reflective running gear, feeling slightly below par as though I had a cold but hoping for the best. Dropped my water bottle trying to do my running jacket up on the 5 min warmup walk. 2 mins into the run, lost my footing on a tree root, slipped and nearly fell A over T. Middle of the run, not a streetlight to be found, had to slow down a lot and run very strangely for a few mins as I could barely see the ground! Towards the end, a wrong turn and found myself going down a street I didn’t recognise. Finally I was on the home strait....and all of a sudden I’d DONE IT! Can’t believe I’ve come this far! 2 runs to go!!!

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Huge well done.. despite all !


Wow! You could have done with a machine gun that many gremlins around. Very good run, well done conquering it. 2 to go... enjoy.


Well done - and in the face of adversity too!

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