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W2R3 done ✅


Can’t quite believe week two is in the bag! My right knee is hurting today, for the first time since I started and I’m not sure why. I will have to wear a knee brace going forward I think. Lots of little niggles today - my toes hurt, my left shoe was too loose - it’s almost as if here was a gremlin on my shoulder telling me I couldn’t do this and shouldn’t...I’ve told him to b***** off!!!

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Brilliant... the gremlin will be back with his friends, just keep telling him the same!

I injured my knee being stupid on the beach on a non running day (I learned the hard way) and then the other one came out in sympathy... I used braces to get back out there and they certainly did the trick. I wouldn’t run in one all the time though as the extra support does mean that the leg won’t develop quite as fast as the other one, I could tell when it was time to remove them, and they live in my car just in case.

Enjoy week 3

Woohoo! Good on you for not letting those gremlins get the best of you!

Some knee strengthening may help, a lot of us have weak muscles where we need strong ones for running. :)



Cycling really helped my knee problem as it builds the muscles around them. And it is non-impact.

Don't go mad though. Treat it like c25k and do short rides to begin with. 😸🚵😸

Thanks for this Katnap. I was wondering whether to do cycling or rowing. Have decided I can’t just sit back on the couch in my days off!

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