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'Running With Wolves' Consolidation W12R1 (PGW3) :-)


...I'm keeping it simple for my Consolidation runs. Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings with a minimum 30mins (my 5K is still not close to that time).

Here's the thing though, I'm starting to get a real kick from just being in 'my' running space for a while. I'd found it through other outlets but never thought it would be a part of the 'running experience', for me.

This morning was my first without music (eek). It's strange really hearing your breath and finding that smiling, saying 'Hi' to passers by (and the Big Heron that frequents my usual route lol) and 'just running' have become a part of my Life.

I have no real aspirations other than to keep enjoying the process, improving my fitness and gradually increasing the distances (and maybe getting a bit quicker lol). But for the timebeing; I am just grateful... Oh yes, and enjoying 'Running With Wolves'... -Well the two Wolf dogs ('TyOhni' and 'Mika') who (along with hubby) often take on the role of running buddies 🐺🐺.

Onwards, to rest of W12 (PGW3) 👟...

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Way to go. Great that you’re really loving this running malarkey, and you certainly get a little fitter each time you get out there, which is exactly why the majority of us started this plan in the first place. Those two beautiful dogs must be loving the extra exercise too.

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...Thank you (the dogs still look in bemusement at my running attempts -it comes so easily to them lol) ...The programme's amazing (as is this forum) ☺ I could barely run the length of myself, when I started.

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