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I was completely not feeling this when I woke up today. As I said previously, this is my 3rd time doing C25K and injures stopped me the previous times, so this time I’m taking a more sensible approach and cross training.

So Friday was a strength and conditioning class, Saturday was Pilates. This morning my legs, butt and stomach muscles were like lead!

However I pushed on and did it and felt surprisingly good. I’m really proud of myself for not allowing my head to talk me out of it. Roll on Run 3!

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Well done Janey and what a great approach. Keep the running slow and steady and slow down so more if you have to. This will help avoid injury and there's no stopping you this time!

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JaneyB311 in reply to steviej99

Thanks Stevie. I’m keeping it pretty slow and am doing my initial runs on a treadmill so I can be sure of pacing myself while I adjust to running again as I always ended up running faster when outside and running out of steam too quickly.

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Well done you.

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