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End of week 1!!!!


The end of week one has coincided with organ transplant awarenessweek-end . Pure coincidence honestly!!

A huge thank you to everyone who replied to my introductory message. It really helps!!

I'm using g the voice of Sarah Millican on my app as my operation took place in Newcastle and I understand my donor lady was a local. Really inspiring to have a little 'Geordie' voice in my ear encouraging me!!!

Big message to all our there!! GET TALKING tell your family if you wish your organs to help others. Just being registered is not enough. Most families don't know and say No.

week 2 tomorrow.....

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I keep banging on about 'doing this together', but you and your donor (and your medical team) are the living example. Week 2 is hard, but not as hard as day 1.👏❤

You really are an inspiration Chilipower! Well done on W1. W2 should be quaking in its boots with someone as determined as you on the way!

Go smash it. Something tells me you will! 😀💪🏻😀

Thank you it's a secret too from from husband whilst he's working away!


Well done 😀. All the best for week 2, you can do it! Remember.....nice and slow.

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