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Whoops I did it again


Had a 3 day break since my last run. So in the crisp cool air I set out, music playing a little later than normal but still early at 5am.

Took a completely different route and tried a the route along the river on the cycle path. Still a bit dark but the moon bright enough, so next time a head torch as well as no lighting along the route.

Got back home and found I had been out for 75 minutes and done nearly 8km. Felt good afterwards with no pain. Looking forward to next weekend's long run now.

Picture is from about halfway round.

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Lovely run for you Andy, 8 k is a good distance, yes it is getting dark now at that time of the morning and you will need to take a head torch with you on your next run. Just look how calm the water in the lake (loch if your Scottish) is, you can see the reflection very clearly of the trees.

AndyIoWGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Its actually a river estuary, the picture was taken about 2 miles from the sea.

Yes it was beautiful when I could see it better. Think the picture was taken around 6am.

Noticed it has been getting darker in the mornings as I tend to usually be out around 4am before heading off to work.

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