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Week 3 Run 1 tonight


As the title says, excited to give it a go although my lad is unsure about running for 3 minutes, but I'm surprisingly upbeat!

I've decided that after today we're going to join a group and run with them on Mondays and Thursdays (can't manage the Saturday runs but will still do those on our own) I figure, as the nights get darker, it's probably better running in a group than on our own. The only downside is we'll have to start again at week 1 which feels a bit disappointing to go back to the beginning when we're doing ok as it is. Just got this thing in my head that the two of us running in the dark could be a bit unsafe (don't know why, it's not like we live in a rough area!)

How many other bods are doing a group C25k instead of 'solo'?

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Well done for your journey so far. If joining a group to run in the dark keeps you running then go for it and don't worry about repeating weeks. People repeat weeks for a variety of reasons.

LolaMac81Graduate in reply to Keasel

Thank you! I'm torn at the minute.. might wait and see how I feel when it's actually getting darker rather than worry about it now. My fella reckons as long as we stick to well lit up, main roads we should be fine...

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