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Getting back to running in hot, hot Spain 🌞😎

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I did the C25k back in 2012, and loved it, getting up to 10k ( once! )

However, long story short......

Am now in Spain and haven't run properly for about 2 years.

It's very hot and I won't be able to run regularly, even in the mornings/evenings for about 3 weeks.

I have a gym in my complex, but it's not air conditioned and its 30+ degrees!

Any ideas for building running stamina?

I already do kettlebell workout 2/3 times a week in my apartment.....which has aircon.

Thanks everyone ❀️

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hmmm ... do you mean how to build running stamina until it gets a bit cooler and you can actually run? I'm not sure what you could do to support that, hopefully someone else has some ideas. Maybe squats for the legs :)

Or do you mean how to get back to running towards that 10K you did before? If you haven't run for a very long while, it would be good to re-do the C25K programme, lots of people do :) .

Sounds tough though where it's so hot and your gym doesn't have aircon!?! Hope you can work something out. We have a runner from these forums over in Italy and it sounds ... facemeltingly tough.

gypsydeppGraduate in reply to icklegui

Thanks for replying.

I think I'm just impatient to get back to running for 30 mins.

I suppose I'll just have to wait til it gets cooler, and just accept the fact I can't run in June/July/August/September here in Spain.

I'll re-do the whole c25k starting in October....wish me luck! πŸ˜‰

ickleguiGraduate in reply to gypsydepp

It must be incredibly frustrating. And to have the combination of aircon in your apt but not in your gym!! I assume that you can't get a (fold-up?) treadmill for your apartment or that there's no other gyms that you can access (practically, financially, etc). Really frustrating!

There are tips for running in the heat, as long as you are sensible with clothing, water, sun protection etc, sticking with early mornings (evenings are hotter) ... you might find some shady routes ... of course there's still a limit to how much heat you can run in. There was lots of discussion about this over this summer here, as we had the heatwave. Good luck!

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