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Well, that's the tech part sorted

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Hello, I'm HillsEverywhere and my ears are different sizes. I just only noticed.

That explains why my shiny new left sports earbud kept slipping out (and why I haven't been friends with earbuds generally). Turns out my left ear needs a size M while the right needs an S. Weird, I know.

Today's W4R2 was tough, what with the husband coming along and breathing down my neck, which probably made me go faster that I'm comfortable with. That run left me rather knackered. Oddly enough, I didn't notice I was pushing myself a bit too much at the time ; I was probably too focused on – or rather compulsively obsessing over – my running form. I'd never have thought relaxing my shoulders would be so difficult !

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It is difficult isn’t it, not just shoulders but hands. My hands were so tense they were hurting all the time. When I realised my following runs were spent concentrating on staying relaxed. I still have to check now.

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HillsEverywhereGraduate in reply to Kamia

I get that – just one little second thinking about something else and my shoulders were back at ear level. I didn't even think about my hands, my shoulders kept me too busy for that ! I can tell good posture will take quite some time to become natural.

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Form will come in time - it makes running more efficient, and your body will learn what works and what doesn’t. Both my earbuds used to fall out. Got fed up with them and went for a very small pair of those on-ear headphones in the end 🎧. Anyhow it sounds like you’re doing great! Good luck!

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HillsEverywhereGraduate in reply to telford_mike

Thank you, it's encouraging ! I do hope form will come - I have an history of weak knees and ankles, and while I'm doing strengthening exercises, I'd like to ensure I don't take bad habits from the start...

May I ask where your profile pic was taken ? I live in Switzerland and it makes me curious ;)

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